32 Pure Essential Oil 30ml



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32 Pure Essential Oil

32 is an oil mixture of 32 different herbs and is efficient for many health solutions.
It does not contain alcohol, does not stain and is quickly absorbed.
Thanks to its versatility it is refreshing, invigorating, balsamic, enlivening, firming and reactivating.

Can be used for; colds, cough, sore throat, muscle pain, inflammatory pain, headache, teeth, gum, bad breath, skin, hair, feet, relaxation and energizing.

How to use:

Skin: Great for both dry and oily skins and great for stretch marks. After shaving helps give tone to the skin thru a massage applied on face and forehead with 4 drops of the oil.

Hair: Helps preventing dandruff and improves brittle and devitalized hair. Apply and massage 5-6 drops of product on dry hair and proceed with combing

Feet: 5 drops of oil can be added to a foot bath after which the feet can be massaged with a few more drops of oil.

To relax: Add a few drops to suitable massage oil for a relaxing massage.

Bath: Pour 20 drops in a bathtub filled with warm water and then relax for 20 minutes. Great for respiratory system and energization.

Teeth/Gums: 2 drops added to the water can help rinsing the mouth out and taking good care of the teeth and counteract bad breath.  (DO NOT INGEST)